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Digit is sold as a fleet management product and not a stolen vehicle recovery unit. 
This product is designed to save you money.
The option to ad recovery to their vehicles can be taken at an additional cost. Giving the client the freedom no other tracking company can offer.

The Digit

Digit fleet management software has been designed to be extremely user friendly, simple and intuitive whilst maintaining a rich array of features and the ability to produce comprehensive reports.

Upgrades are constantly being released and usually the first few upgrades are free. The PC software incorporates mapping making the system lightning fast even when used on entry level computers.

The Digit

Digit is a locally manufactured product, specifically designed to work with the Digit system.
The reliability of the devices has become so legendary that even competitors buy hardware from us to use with their software solutions.The design is very robust and durable for the African conditions.

The Digit

This installation service goes beyond the hardware but includes assistance with software installation, licensing and custom installations.

Our experts can even assist with complex input and output installations.
Included in your purchase of a Digit system is training on how to use the software.We’ll get you up and running in under 30 minutes.

When required we can setup your own server login and we offer training on how to use the features as well as how to understand the information presented.

Value added services to all fleet packages

Put a stop to load theft with automated pepper delivery systems.

Safeguard your loads & the safety of your drivers!

South African Courier services are highly exposed on a daily growing basis to Hi-jacks and looting of their delivery vehicles. Looting all high value loads such as Jewelry, Cellular Phones, Laptops, Cashin Transit.

We have acquired Chilli Pepper security systems and now can include this remote pepper spray system in the back of courier vehicles.
There are options to incorporate a dye spray instead of pepper.

Why Chilli Pepper

Unlike alarm systems with require either your action or the response company, Chilli Pepper system do away with the invaders instantly.

The moment the PIR “eye “ detects an intruder, a siren sound and he is then blasted with the Chilli Pepper.

DIY Pepper Spray Security System

The most effective and cost-effective DIY Security Solution available to deter criminals instantly.

Protect your office, home, shed, server room, safe or garage with Chilli Pepper DIY.

Arm and disarm
with remote control.

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