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At DigitE Africa we pride ourselves in designing complete systems and solutions for your unique requirement.
The process starts with an interview to determine exactly what your needs are and what you expect from the system.
The complete service includes hardware installation, setting up of PC software, installation of custom maps and training.
Whether your fleet is one vehicle, possibly even that of a loved one that you are concerned about,
or hundreds of commercial vehicles, we have a solution for you.

Our Services

Let us assist you in ensuring your fleet runs as profitable as possible.

Key Features:

  •  Live Fuel monitor
  • Live Track vehicles
  • Complete electronic logbook
  • Tracking with GPS accuracy Plot trips & view total kilometers
  • Daily, weekly & monthly Trip Reports
  • TAG reading option for multiple drivers
  • View braking, acceleration & speeding
  • Expense management and total control
  • Mostly offline system that saves history to your local PC memory drive

We can provide the following solutions.

Fleet Management Solutions 

Decrease diesel theft.
Fleet tracking & live monitoring

Mining and Construction Vehicles

Live monitoring and accurate delivery 
Theft  and diesel control

Agricultural Equipment 

Live monitoring of sprinkler irrigation
Theft Control

Private Users

Live tracking of vehicles and motorbikes.
Theft notification -
Complete control from your phone 

Take control

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Fuel Management

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Fuel Monitoring

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Cold Chain Tracking
& monitoring

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Wireless Alarms

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Digit Fleet and Fuel Management

Digit fleet and fuel management has developed the DFuel solution to monitor fuel levels in vehicles and storage facilities. Controlling fuel theft is about management and this valuable resource cannot be controlled without being measured. DFuel is capable of reporting fuel levels live, 24 hours a day with updates arriving at your desktop mere seconds after being measured.

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For your convenience we have created a quick and easy online solution for the clients that are not always in the office.

User friendly software that works

The software is designed to do it all for you, and with the easy to use button interface, accessing all the features, is now just a click away. All the trip information can be viewed as a list of events in a spread sheet format, a series of graphs representing speed and acceleration or as a route on a map. Any report can be generated either using the custom reporting function or by exporting the data to an Excel spread sheet. Limitless ability to add vehicle details, calculates fuel costs, log business mileage. The system will produce a full electronic log book that can be used for SARS tax claim purposes. Track driver activity and much more are all features of the easy to use software.

Verified live tracking

Knowing where your vehicles are and that is a key to your operational safety, efficiency and service offering.
While other systems only represent the last known position, Digit will constantly confirm how old the data is, making you 100% sure that you are viewing real time positions. During live tracking one can view multiple vehicles and be notified of them leaving or entering predefined zones via on-screen alert or email.  

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