Digit DCut
 you can take control

The unique Digit Dcut solution is designed to give you total control of your vehicle in conjunction with the added security of immobilising you vehicle should the tracking system be removed. Often vehicles are stolen and professional thieves manage to trace the tracking device and remove or destroy it within seconds. Digit Dcut will recognise this and cut-out the vehicles engine so that the vehicle cannot be driven away. In situations where a vehicle has to be recovered, the Dcut system can be remotely activated by secure SMS to either bring a vehicle to a safe stop or prevent it from being moved.

Take Control of your Vehicles

Some vehicles are priceless and just to valuable to let any stranger drive away with it.
Keep control in your own hand.


Worried about your driver and where he is at the moment?
Can’t get a hold of him and see your vehicle is parked in a suspicious location?
These are things we hear daily.
Immobilize the vehicle via SMS until you find out what the cause is of the current situation.

Always stay in control of your vehicles.