DCut  you can take control

Some vehicles are priceless and just to valuable to let any stranger drive away with it.
Keep control in your own hand.

The unique Digit Dcut solution is designed to give you total control of your vehicle in conjunction with the added security of immobilising you vehicle should the tracking system be removed. Often vehicles are stolen and professional thieves manage to trace the tracking device and remove or destroy it within seconds. Digit Dcut will recognise this and cut-out the vehicles engine so that the vehicle cannot be driven away. In situations where a vehicle has to be recovered, the Dcut system can be remotely activated by secure SMS to either bring a vehicle to a safe stop or prevent it from being moved.

One SMS immobilizes

If you in control of your business, trust is inevitable!

Provide business owner & vehicle owner with:

User friendly application

Accessible from your

Ability to “cut out” engine from phone.

Accurate vehicle tracking data

Less than 30 sec update intervals, 24/7/365

Take Control of your Vehicles

Worried about your driver and where he is at the moment?
Can’t get a hold of him and see your vehicle is parked in a suspicious location?
These are things we hear daily. Immobilize the vehicle via SMS until you find out what the cause is of the current situation.

Always stay in control of your vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking & Recovery

Knowing where your vehicles are and that is a key to your operational safety, efficiency and service offering.
While other systems only represent the last known position, Digit will constantly confirm how old the data is, making you 100% sure that you are viewing real time positions. During live tracking one can view multiple vehicles and be notified of them leaving or entering predefined zones via on-screen alert or email.  

Value added services to all fleet packages

Put a stop to load theft with automated pepper delivery systems.

Safeguard your loads & the safety of your drivers!

South African Courier services are highly exposed on a daily growing basis to Hi-jacks and looting of their delivery vehicles. Looting all high value loads such as Jewelry, Cellular Phones, Laptops, Cashin Transit.

We have acquired Chilli Pepper security systems and now can include this remote pepper spray system in the back of courier vehicles.
There are options to incorporate a dye spray instead of pepper.

Why Chilli Pepper

Unlike alarm systems with require either your action or the response company, Chilli Pepper system do away with the invaders instantly.

The moment the PIR “eye “ detects an intruder, a siren sound and he is then blasted with the Chilli Pepper.

DIY Pepper Spray Security System

The most effective and cost-effective DIY Security Solution available to deter criminals instantly.

Protect your office, home, shed, server room, safe or garage with Chilli Pepper DIY.

Arm and disarm
with remote control.

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