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Fuel Monitoring starts here

Diesel and Petrol sales in South Africa total more than R800million per day. Fuel theft is a massive industry and this valuable commodity forms part of a system that is costing companies dearly. Most businesses do not know where and when the fuel is being stolen, believing that it is drained or siphoned on the side of the road. This is not always the case, and our research shows that most stolen fuel never reaches the vehicle’s tank.

Accurate Delivery

Make sure the fuel you are charged
for is actually delivered.

Theft Notification

Notification via SMS when fuel is being stolen.

Live Monitoring

View your vehicles and bowsers live from anywhere in the world. Updated every few minutes 24/7.

Odds Shaped Tanks

Sensors can be programmed to earn the profile of odd shaped tank.

Multiple Tanks

A sensor can be installed in each tank on multi tank vehicles, giving a single value of the total fuel

Current GPS location

Our multi-constellation GNSS receiver provides accurate positional data and real time stamping.

How it works

A fuel sensor is installed with a communication device giving you updates of your fuel levels every 4 minutes.

From Delivery to Production

With fully functional fleet management software included you can manage vehicles and monitor fuel usage very accurately.



R2Dfuel is a comprehensive fuel management system installed into new or existing non-commercial fuel storage or dispensing systems. Suitable for use on static tanks and mobile bowsers to monitor and control both fuel receipts and various site dispensing. With live residual tank levels displayed after each event both on the controller and the web portal - all viewable from any mobile device or computer.

Flow Bins

Flow bins installed with the R2Dfuel management solution are convenient for many stationary and mobile applications with live 30 second updates on current tank volumes. Dispensing are reported via SMS and email. All dispensing values and activities are recorded on the cloud server offering a convenient and accurate audit trail and accounting of the liquid asset.

Management made easy

With more than 14 years experience in telemetry and IT systems we are making this proudly South African product affordable and available for easy integration with both existing and new infrastructure. Managing and accounting for every litre received and dispensed is essential for profitability. With the current prices of Kerosene fuels can you afford not to?

A great solution for the management of your fuel

Fuel Management made easy
Fuel Dispensing

The R2Dfuel controller will display the current fuel volume dispensed at the pump as well as the remaining fuel in each storage tank. With data uploading to the cloud this information is available on your computer within seconds.

Fuel Levels

A maximum of 3 fuel tanks can be monitored from a single R2Dfuel controller. The scrolling display reports the current level in each tank while a convenient summed value and percentage is displayed permanently.

Secure Dispensing

The system automates control and security, with only authorized button tags and users accepted. Easy allocation of up to 1400 different tag numbers with our USB powered Tag2Text readers.


You have taken the step to install a state-of-the-art fuel depot at your premises and now you want to add a system that can do fuel monitoring. You should consider a solution that integrates directly with your already owned hardware.

R2Dfuel system will integrate and make your remote site fuel visible from the luxury of your mobile device, notifying you on live fuel events whether you are on-site, in your office or on the go.

The R2Dfuel solution is well suited for solar power applications including smaller tanks with gravity feed dispensing.

Management Tools

It is great to have a consumer solution that has extensive reporting structures, however, if it does not integrate into your existing company IT structure it is not going to be utilised to its full potential. R2Dfuel has a full suite API to integrate into existing systems. We have the experience and services to assist with data availability and access to the right level of audience.

Multi-tier setup

Setting up companies and assigning users with various levels of access and information is really simple.

Remote device setup

All setting and adjustments can be handled remotely by an administrator. Instantly add or delete user button tags. Remotely lock or unlock device in emergencies.

Installation benefits

Level Sensor

The primary fuel monitoring device is a level sensor on your physical bowser/fuel storage tanks. All live levels and any changes are frequently recorded on the server, even a one litre change in 9000L can be recorded.


If possible we integrate into your existing flow meter pulse or provide you with a reputable and calibrated alternative to measure the flow and volume dispensed in any one event.


When it comes to saving money, you need control in order to account for every litre dispensed, to know where it was issued, by whom and to record the asset or vehicle receiving the fuel. We also offer fleet management platforms to report and compare the fuel volumes received by the same vehicle.

Secure PSU 04 & Controller

The secure aluminum box enclosure includes a power supply with back-up battery. It houses the LCD screen and tag receptacle, giving you peace of mind back-up power and fuel monitoring during a power outage.

Value added services to all fleet packages

Put a stop to load theft with automated pepper delivery systems.

Safeguard your loads & the safety of your drivers!

South African Courier services are highly exposed on a daily growing basis to Hi-jacks and looting of their delivery vehicles. Looting all high value loads such as Jewelry, Cellular Phones, Laptops, Cashin Transit.

We have acquired Chilli Pepper security systems and now can include this remote pepper spray system in the back of courier vehicles. There are options to incorporate a dye spray instead of pepper.

Why Chilli Pepper

Unlike alarm systems with require either your action or the response company, Chilli Pepper system do away with the invaders instantly.

The moment the PIR “eye “ detects an intruder, a siren sound and he is then blasted with the Chilli Pepper.

DIY Pepper Spray Security System

The most effective and cost-effective DIY Security Solution available to deter criminals instantly.

Protect your office, home, shed, server room, safe or garage with Chilli Pepper DIY.

Arm and disarm with remote control.

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