The single highest recurring expense in most business is the cost of running their vehicle fleet. A saving of only 1% may be all that is needed to move a company from a position of loss to profit. Over the past 9 years, DigitE has fitted systems that saved companies not only money, but in some cases, literally prevented them from going insolvent.

DigitE vehicle tracking has developed the DFuel solutions to monitor fuel levels in vehicles and storage facilities. Controlling fuel theft is about management and this valuable resource can’t be controlled without being measured. DFuel is capable of reporting fuel levels live, 24 hours a day with updates arriving at your desktop mere seconds after being measured.

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DFuel management solutions were designed for vehicle installations, to keep you informed of fuel in a vehicle whilst it is travelling as well as if it stops to refuel. The latest systems work just as well in static installations and we can now handle fuel storage tanks 3m deep. Huge improvements in the design means that we enjoy better accuracy, longer service life and the ability to handle petrol as well as diesel.

Coupled with the Digit Vehicle Tracking solution, the Digit software can produce reports that include information to manage and correlate fuel slips. For the first time operators can check if the fuel they are paying for actually arrives in the truck tank. Digit is able to show all fuel adds, where they occurred, the date and time and how many litres were added. The same applies to any thefts.

Depending on the shape and size of the tank, once calibrated, accuracy is typically better than 1% error. With training and support from the Digit team, we will give you the tools to understand this technology so that it becomes the most valuable tool in your expense control.

The Digit team is willing to walk you through the process to understand what we can do, to get you back in control. DFuel is designed to save you more money than it costs, so your profitability climbs, your efficiency improves and your business can grow.

Value added services to all fleet packages

Put a stop to load theft with automated pepper delivery systems.

Safeguard your loads & the safety of your drivers!

South African Courier services are highly exposed on a daily growing basis to Hi-jacks and looting of their delivery vehicles. Looting all high value loads such as Jewelry, Cellular Phones, Laptops, Cashin Transit.

We have acquired Chilli Pepper security systems and now can include this remote pepper spray system in the back of courier vehicles.
There are options to incorporate a dye spray instead of pepper.

Why Chilli Pepper

Unlike alarm systems with require either your action or the response company, Chilli Pepper system do away with the invaders instantly.

The moment the PIR “eye “ detects an intruder, a siren sound and he is then blasted with the Chilli Pepper.

DIY Pepper Spray Security System

The most effective and cost-effective DIY Security Solution available to deter criminals instantly.

Protect your office, home, shed, server room, safe or garage with Chilli Pepper DIY.

Arm and disarm
with remote control.

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