Fleet and Fuel Management
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Dfuel fleet and fuel management solutions were designed for vehicle installations, to keep you informed of fuel in a vehicle whilst it is traveling as well as if it stops to refuel. The latest systems work just as well in static installations and we can now handle fuel storage tanks 3m deep. Huge improvements in the design means that we enjoy better accuracy, longer service life and the ability to handle petrol as well as diesel.

Diesel and Petrol sales in South Africa total more than R800million per day. The theft of fuel is a massive industry and this valuable commodity forms part of a system that is costing companies dearly. Most businesses do not know where and when the fuel is being stolen, believing that it is drained or siphoned on the side of the road. Digit fleet and fuel management knows that this is not always the case, and our research shows that most stolen fuel never reaches the vehicle’s tank.

How Dfuel fleet and fuel management works?

A fuel sensor is installed with a communication device
giving you updates of your fuel levels every 4 minutes.

Key Features

Accurate Delivery

Make sure the fuel you are charged
for is actually delivered.

Fuel Theft Notification

Notification via SMS when
fuel is being stolen.

Live Fuel Monitoring

View your vehicles and bowsers live from anywhere
in the world. Updated every few minutes 24/7.

Odds Shaped Tanks

Sensors can be programmed to learn
the profile of odd shaped tanks.

Multiple Tanks

A sensor can be installed in each tank on multi
tank vehicles, giving a single value of the total fuel. 

Live Reporting

View trip reports directly from your PC
or tablet without the software installed.

Diesel is "Liquid Gold"

If you own a Company with a fleet of vehicles you are probably a victim of fuel theft.

Get your fuel levels remotely sent to your PC every 30 seconds while moving.Receive SMS if the fuel gets taken out your vehicle while stationery.