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Wireless - Smart - secure

When security is art

We have solutions to protect
your home and business.

Deters burglars

PIR security cameras

Controls appliances

Fire & Leak detection

Ajax wireless systems

Ajax - wireless alarm systems

• Highest quality, modern design.
• Wide range of devices for intrusion detection.
• Simple phone App for notifications.
• Long battery life for devices.
• Home automation for lights and gates.
• Security company link-up available.
• Devices communicate on 868mHz
  frequency band

PIR sensors

• Pet friendly motion detectors
• Long battery life of up to 7 years
• Dual sensor outdoor PIR with
 range adjustment
• Curtain type detectors for
 passageway protection
• LED turns off when alarm is disarmed
• Tamper detection on all devices
• Combined PIR and break glass detection
• Available with microwave detection to
 reduce false triggers

Control panels - Hubs

• Various options available
• Up to 150 sensors and devices
• Can handle 99 users
• GSM and Ethernet link-up
• WiFi option available
• Hub 2 can connect PIRs with camera
• Power supply and battery back-up built in
• Small sleek design blends well
 with modern homes

Door sensors

• Magnetic door and window sensors
• Door protect plus also has tilt and
 shock detection
• Available with combination break
 glass detection
• Can be set for delayed trigger for
 entrance and exit doors
• Long battery life with monitoring
• Slimline magnet included
• Ideal for rooms that need to be monitored even if alarm is disarmed

Fire & Leak detection

• Sensors detect smoke or heat
• Plus version can detect CO
• Built in sounder for stand alone operation
• Leak detectors sense water
• Low profile to fit under washing machines
• Sense leaks in plumbing, geysers
 and fish tanks
• Works even if alarm is disarmed
• Protect your holiday home


• Motion detect PIR which can also
 send snapshots to your phone
• Uses separate communication channel
 to speed up delivery
• Can be configured for various picture   quantities and resolutions
• Up to five year battery life
• IR illumination for operation in the dark
• Images can be saved as photos or video


• Scares an intruder
• Adjustable volume
• Outdoor siren to alert neighbors
• Or scare intruder if outdoor
 detector is triggered
• Wireless and long battery life
• Tamper detection
• Audible and visual notification of
 arming and disarming

Armed response

• Connect to your existing armed response company
• Duress code silently notifies security
• Panic button
• Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are   informed of events… before the response   company notifies you

Phone App

• User friendly phone application
• Arm and disarm all or selected zones
• Instantly receive notifications of all events
• Change configuration of devices, zones etc.
• Manage multiple sites from the same app
• Control home automation such as
 lights and gates
• All done from anywhere in the world