DCam-MDVR system In time tracking starts here

Who is Digite Africa vehicle tracking?

DigitE Africa is a proudly South African business in existence for a decade now, Digit specializes in
high end fleet management, and are leaders in fleet management solutions such as full tracking
and telematics, live diesel monitoring and on-board camera surveillance systems.

Digit Hardware is predominantly locally designed, manufactured and supported. VSS accredited
& recovery approved and accepted by all major insurance companies in South Africa.

Appreciate direct service from an independently owned branch with no “call centres”

Digit Tracecor, an accredited Digit dealer with more than 8 years’ experience in the Digit Group,
also enjoy support nationally from nearly 100 dealers spread country wide and growing.

With total fleet solutions to suite any fleet from big to small,
we will beat any product price VS performance on the market.

A leader in fleet management

After eight years of being a top innovator of fleet management systems, we can now offer video solutions as well.

A camera for every angle

From reversing, to load area, all important areas should be covered

Mobile Recording

Use the latest MDVR technology to capture and store data. Retrieve the media for zero cost or enjoy live images over 3G

Desktop View

Intuitive simple software for viewing, exporting and sharing the images

The Hardware

We have sourced the world market leading product, from the largest mobile DVR manufacturer in the world that dominates more than 90% of the market around the globe.

This product is a high end mobile digital video recorder and is not to be confused with simple “dash cam’s” as we know it.

• Each M-DVR is enclosed in steel and aluminum which is tamper evident, flame resistant & impact resistant. • Each M-DVR comes with a standard lock and key to open and operate manually when required. • The M-DVR comes with 4 or 5 video channels depending on your model of choice. • Live Streaming option available for up to 5 channels. • RS232 port with various input and output triggers (Optional)

The Software

• Full incident and event management • Options to set up own alarms and parameters • Email notifications when alarms are triggered or parameters exceeded • Live video streaming • Live tracking • Full evidence centre, manage and save video incidents for disciplinary and CCMA hearings

Mobile & Desktop View

• Track and see position on map from 1 to multiple vehicles off smart phone or I-pad. • Select and view live video streaming • Access to alarm centre and incident status information

Camera View Options

Point Of View

In Cab View

Side View

Tank View

Cargo View

Accident Capture


Artificial intelligence camera

The latest version of DCAM products can actually notify you when your driver is making calls while driving and a few other things. It will also notify your driver if he is about to make a front collision or if he is busy running of the road. Detecting driver fatigue, driver distractions (Phone usage) and more. The driver and OPS office will be alerted and notified.


making calls

driver distractions


Value added services to all fleet packages

Put a stop to load theft with automated pepper delivery systems.

Safeguard your loads & the safety of your drivers!

South African Courier services are highly exposed on a daily growing basis to Hi-jacks and looting of their delivery vehicles. Looting all high value loads such as Jewelry, Cellular Phones, Laptops, Cashin Transit.

We have acquired Chilli Pepper security systems and now can include this remote pepper spray system in the back of courier vehicles. There are options to incorporate a dye spray instead of pepper.

Why Chilli Pepper

Unlike alarm systems with require either your action or the response company, Chilli Pepper system do away with the invaders instantly.

The moment the PIR “eye “ detects an intruder, a siren sound and he is then blasted with the Chilli Pepper.

DIY Pepper Spray Security System

The most effective and cost-effective DIY Security Solution available to deter criminals instantly.

Protect your office, home, shed, server room, safe or garage with Chilli Pepper DIY.

Arm and disarm with remote control.

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